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How much energy does each one of us consume every year?

It’s undeniable that the topics of climate change, energy consumption, and overall sustainability of what we’re doing as a species have made it news headlines almost every week.

We, humans, are very much image and facts-driven, in fact, pictures are easier to recognize, memorize, and recall than words, by far.

So how does it all look like based on data?


Naturally, some questions arise.

Who’s leading – who’s the ‘bad’ country?
Check the table tab with the sorting options – surprise.

In absolute terms, it’s pretty difficult to say which country, on a person by person basis, is getting the job ‘done’, when it comes to consuming less energy or in a more sustainable way.

We’ll make a more in-depth cross-data analysis in our next articles, based on individual person consumption correlated with that specific country’s renewable energy capacity installations and future carbon reduction commitments.

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